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Accommodation in Lake Manyara National Park

Where to stay while in Lake Manyara National Park

Escarpment luxury lodge

Located only 20 minutes from the Serena Airstrip after which visitors can connect to Arusha Airport and various airstrips within the Serengeti and, Kenya International Airport. Escarpment Luxury Lodge settles along a rift wall at height above sea level, presenting a glorious view of the lake. The lodge is a luxury set up with abundantly stoned and timbered, stylish constructions built up at varying levels between light woodland with a widespread pool which overlooks the magical setting of lake manyara national park to one end and the dramatic rift valley dropping down at the other giving you spectacular views. The lodge is a comfortable set up with a pleasant common area with a restaurant, a full stocked bar and a lounge area. The restaurant provides all the necessary cuisines as the qualified chefs ensure to provide the best quality that will give you a more memorable dinning experience. The lounge bar has a wraparound level which provides views of lake manyara and the gorge as you listen to the sounds of Africa. A spreading surface surrounding the main lodge gives you breathtaking views of the lake and the gorge upon which the lodge settles watch pelican sweep the heavens as you take sundowners. The staff is friendly and welcoming and take excessive pride in prolonging warm, personalized, and attentive service to our valued guests. The lodge has 16 large and private cottages that can accommodate 2-3 guests and their rooms are clean and appealing with king sized beds and mosquito nets. From the decking, the bed, and even from the bath, views of the gorge are astonishing, through lush woodland and Lake Manyara glittering in the middle distance. The inhabitant wildlife is a basic part of your African holiday at Escarpment. Servals, dik-diks and mongooses on or underneath the surfaces and birdsong in the nearby bushes cheer up your shelter day and by night. On an Escarpment Luxury Lodge safari with African Mecca, visitors will find themselves in a beautiful and relaxing environment, adjourned between diverse comfort, wilderness and reliable instinctive African way of life. Gentle Maasai cow alarm bells can be heard on the morning breeze waking you up to your morning hot drink, and lingering evening tunes drift from nearby villages.

Kirurumu Tented Lodge is one of the best bars in Africa with spectacular views. Kirurumu Tented Lodge stands out for its views, the personal trace of the staff and its bar which, we would contend, is one of the best in Africa. Generally, only used as an ending place on the way through to the Ngorongoro Crater, we always commend using Kirurumu as a base for discovering this captivating area a little more. The rooms at Kirurumu Tented Lodge are fairly simple using the traditional safari construction of wooden plinth and balcony with palm roof and the main canvas tent hanging off this frame. This construction is great in that it allows the tent to remain cool in the heat of the African day, while also offering some shade to look out to the view. Besides, it allows for plenty of room inside the tents and the simple but spacious design works well. Kirurumu Tented Lodge is a great little camp that has the feel of a camp that is owner managed and, therefore, has the small details that are only there if care has been taken. Watching out over the extensive Rift Valley and towards Lake Manyara National Park, there is nothing like arriving after a long journey to Tanzania, putting your feet up and sipping on a G&T as the sun goes down.

Migunga Tented Camp – Lake Manyara

Migunga Tented Camp is settled in a quiet angle on the northwest of Lake Manyara. The camp is preferably positioned in shade of an acacia forest, only 5 minutes from the entrance of Lake Manyara National Park. This is the perfect base camp to see the beautiful surroundings of Lake Manyara, or pay a cultural holiday to the colorful town of Mto Wa Mbu.The camp is fixed in 35 acres of acacia forest and contains of 21 enduring tents on elevated platforms, all with en-suite bathrooms and a private veranda overseeing the lush forest. All the tents are individually placed around a dominant opening, presenting shade and privacy, but still only a short walk to the restaurant and bar.

At Migunga visitors will wake up in the morning to the wide-ranging sounds of the forest, with rays of the sun discovering their way through the tall trees. Then in the afternoon guests can enjoy mountain bike ride trail through Lake Manyara’s courtyard or appreciate viewing our vervet monkeys manure about on the central field. The evenings are echoing with the classic sounds of forest creatures, making your imaginary complete.

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