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Attractions In Tarangire National Park


Equally with an African safari, the lion is the most sought after animal of the Big Five to spot while on safari. They are the ruler of creatures, after all, and have no ordinary hunters, except man. Visitors should note that even the king of beasts has a hard life and because of it, wild lions only live to around 12 years of age. They occupy about 20 hours of every day just sleeping to preserve their energy and they have such little resilience that they need all their energy to hunt.

Also in this park is the Tarangire River.  This river winds through the middle of the park providing nourishment for the animals and great viewing for visitors. Daily large crowds of animals and birds gather around this Tarangire river so visitors will be sure not to omission anything.

The people of Tarangire and their culture

Additionally, the one entity that does fix Tanzania’s diverse attractions is, of course, its people, who take justifiable pride in their deeply ingrained national mood of tolerance and peacefulness. Indeed, Tanzania, for all its ethnic diversity, is practically unique in Africa in having navigated a succession of modern political hurdles – the transformation from colonial dependency to independent nation, from socialist state to free-market economy, from mono-partyism to fully-fledged democracy – without ever experiencing sustained civil or ethnic unrest is really an interesting destination.

Tarangire offers a supreme game watching, and during the dry season elephants abound. Wildlife usually plays around the ancient trunks of baobab trees and strip acacia bark from the thorn trees for their afternoon meal. Breathtaking views of the Maasai Steppe and the mountains in the south make a stopover at Tarangire a memorable experience

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