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Attractions in Serengeti National Park Tanzania

Serengeti national park Tanzania is one of the most famous safari parks in Africa offering some of the best wildlife viewing in the world within these almost endless plains. The Serengeti is named as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa and one of the Ten Natural Travel Wonders of the World because of the largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world.  What to see in Serengeti national is surely determined by the vast landscape that offers enough space for diversity ranging from wildlife to birds. Here are some of the best attractions of the park;

Animals in Serengeti national park Tanzania

Known as the best destination for a game drive, the Big Five (lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos, and elephants) call Serengeti national park Tanzania home. Encountering the big five African wild animals is each Tanzania safari wildlife tourists’ dream because it’s rare to sight all the five in a single habitat.  The park hosts the densest lion population in Africa with about some 3,000 lions seen almost everywhere. The other animals in the park include the giraffe, eland, topi, impala, Kongoni, cheetahs and grant’s gazelle. This is the best safari park to witness the stunning annual great wildebeest migration

Birds in Serengeti national park Tanzania

Within the beautiful blue skies of Serengeti fly almost 500 bird species. On the must tick list of bird species for tourists on a Tanzania bird watching tour are the Black Headed Heron, Darnauds Barbet, Grey Headed Sparrow, Purple Grenadier, Red Backed Scrub Robin, Variable sunbird, White Bellied Goaway, White Crowned Shrike, Yellow Throated Sandgrouse, Agapornis Fischeri, Gapornis Personatus. Other bird species include; Ardeotis kori, Augur Buzzard, Black Crake, Black Headed Heron, Buff-crested Bustard, Cape Teal, Cossypha Heuglini, Decken Toko Tockus deckeni, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Dinemellia dinemelli, Fischer’s Lovebirds, Grey Crowned Crane, Grey-breasted Spurfowl, Hildebrandt’s Starling, Long-crested Eagle, Ploceus vitellinus and a lot more seen when you safari Tanzania.

Scenery in Serengeti national park Tanzania

The Serengeti vast plains fit well into most people’s dream of an African safari because of its vast dotted plains with thorny umbrella acacia trees, kopjes, and sausage trees. The almost borderless plains are punctuated with spiky acacia trees plus hippo and crocodile-laden rivers that increase the amazement in the plains.

Masai in Serengeti national park Tanzania

The Masai of Serengeti national park are a proud nomadic warrior race who count their wealth in cattle and children. The Masai culture is rich and unique, they extend a welcome to visitors from the camps in Serengeti National Park in return for support of their village, schools and health centers. The Masai are friendly and generous hosts who will share with you their native dance, melodies, dramas and experiences. The red cloth cloaks and spears of the Maasai warriors, contrast with the rich bead collars of their children and gap-toothed wives with pride in the richness of their very different culture.

Olduvai Gorge in Serengeti national park

Olduvai Gorge also known as Oldupai Gorge is the best place to have a historical study of man’s past. This site is famous as the spot where Leakey’s discovered human fossils and tools dating back to over 2 million years ago. Over 60 hominids fossil remains have been discovered in this area and most of the archaeological findings are found in the small oldupai museum. The gorge is a steep-sided ravine 30 miles long. Its rewarding to take time and understand mans evolution on a Tanzania tour because you get a better perspective of the intelligence of the first humans.

Kopjes in Serengeti national park Tanzania

Kopjes are interesting weathered gigantic rock formations that rise out of the plains like little mountains. These rock formations in central Serengeti provide shade, small water pools, and a great point for many animals, including lions, leopards, and cheetahs. The Moru Kopjes in the southern part of the park are the most frequently visited kopjes and the best place to spot a black rhino in Serengeti National Park. Other Kopjes include Bolela Bontemi Kopjes in the south western border, Mwanakenda kopjes and Simba Kopjes inside the Serengeti national park.   For the best of your Tanzania wildlife safari, the Kopjes are the best place for game viewing as the animals get relief from the harsh plains.

Its surprising how a single vast national park has much more to offer than several other parks. The Serengeti is all you need to visit for an all-round Africa safari.

Featured Park: Serengeti

Serengeti National Park is one the most popular Tanzania safari destinations. It's the country's oldest park.